Established in 2002, Ningbo Finechem are based in Ningbo, one of the main seaports along the east coast of China, and only one and half hour by driving from Shanghai. We enjoy not only the advantage of the super location, but the long history and strong technical background of chemicals & agrochemicals industry in Zhejiang and Jiangsu province, where centralized with the most of the corresponding manufacturers of China.

Our group:
Starting with the international trading of agrochemicals initially, we have been making all the efforts to promote our capacity, and now we are proud to announce that the whole group well-established covering the R&D, manufacturing and trading sides completely. 
1) Shanghai Chemical Synthesis Centre
5 chemists graduated from Chemical Synthesis Department of Shanghai Medicine University, fully responsible for research and development, and also the guide of the quality of control for our plant.
2) Production base – Jiujiang Woxin Chemical Co., Ltd., with the location of Chihu Industry Park, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, 3 advanced plants plus with 1 multipurpose plant, guarantee the output of 1000mt of various products annually.
3) Formulation centre – we have 3 contracted formulating plants, experienced and serious, where we formulate various finished products: EC, SC, SL, EW, ME, CS, SE, WP, SP, SG, WDG, etc. We have our own formula for many special formulations especially the mixtures.
4) Business centre – Ningbo Finechem office, order administration, including the label designing, small packing issues, logistics, and all the documentation are managed here, further more, the registration will be fully supported by our technical experts working in our office particularly.         

Our service:
1)  Custom manufacturing (Made chem. of new moleculars ). 
2)  Commercial small packagings (alum foil sachet, water soluble bag, PE bottle, PET bottle, alum bottle, fluorinated bottle, coex bottle, etc).     
3)  Supply of registration packages
4)  Support of formulation technology.

Our goal:
Ningbo Finechem is committed to consistently providing cost-effective and technologically innovative solutions, which satisfy customer requirements in the field of crop protection and other non-crop specialty industries.
1)  Develop, manufacture and market superior products. 
2)  Insist on an intimate and personalized relationship with customers. 
3)  Nurture and stimulate growth, profitability and enduring alliances with all our stakeholders. 
4)  Strive for excellence and integrity in managing the company's business. 
5)  Maintain the highest standard of ethics and technical competence. 
6)  Provide a stimulating and empowering environment for employees to achieve growth and satisfaction. 
7)  Demand the highest standards of environmental responsibility and human safety.

Our driving force: Excellence in Crop Protection.

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